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How do I login?

The stream can be accessed through the "View Stream" button in your confirmation email. You can also login to your account at by selecting Your Account>Orders and clicking on the order number.

I can see the event window but the live stream will not start

Certain adware blockers and other types of blockers can interfere with the
live stream events. Turning off these blockers before the stream could help.

If you are using a VPN you may also experience an issue with the stream
validating that you are accessing the stream correctly. This impacts some
VPN providers but not all so if you are seeing an issue, please disconnect
from your stream to see if that allows you access.

How soon before the performance can I connect to the Live Stream?
You can login well before the live stream begins, but the actual stream will
not be visible until 10 minutes prior to the performance. The live stream will
appear once it is started.

Can more than one person log into a live stream event?
No, security features are in place so the login cannot be shared. The first
person to log into the stream will have access to the performance.

What happens if I lose connection and need to log back in, will I still
be able to see the show?

Yes, as long as you’re logging in from the same computer or device.

What if I need to step away from the stream in progress will I lose
my place?

If you have the stream paused for less than 5 minutes you will be able to
restart it at the point that you paused the stream.

What if my internet isn’t high speed?
We would recommend pausing the stream for 30 seconds to a minute to
allow a buffer to build up on your device to keep the stream from being
interrupted from any slowness with your network.

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